Hundreds of new insect species calling Denmark home

Warming temperatures attracting bugs

Denmark is, well, crawling with new types of insects. A new report from the Natural History Museum in Aarhus reveals that in the past 15 years at least 542 new species have crept, crawled or flown their way into the country.

Many of them are arriving via southern Jutland, says Morten DD Hansen, who is a curator at the Natural History Museum.

“Between a quarter and a third of all the new species enter the country via Jutland,” Morten D.D. Hansen, the museum’s curator, told DR Nyheder.

Climate change
Blåvand on the west coast of southern Jutland is one of the ten best places to find new insects, said Hansen. While nearby Frøslev Mose is another insect mecca.

“Lights burning through the night attract butterflies and other creatures,” he said.

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One major reason that so many insects find their way to Denmark from the south is that the climate has been about one degree warmer in the past 20 years.