Denmark to aid persecuted religious minorities

Foreign minister in Paris this week to discuss solutions

The foreign minister, Kristian Jensen, is in Paris today and tomorrow in a bid to help strengthen the efforts geared at helping religious minorities.

Jensen is scheduled to meet the French foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, and take part in an international conference concerning the protection of victims of ethnically and religiously-motivated violence in the Middle East.

“All human beings must be able to choose their own lives and futures,” said Jensen. “That is a prerequisite for a rule of law where freedom rights are respected.”

“Unfortunately, large areas of the Middle East are troubled by ethnic and religious persecution and we need to help those minorities.”

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Sahel, migrants, Ukraine and COP21
Jensen said the conference will also cover how to get Middle Eastern society to be more tolerant of other religions. This will require an international effort involving the nations impacted, the EU and the UN.

About 60 nations and a number of international organisations and representatives of minorities in the Middle East are taking part in the conference.

During his meeting with his French counterpart, Jensen said the topics of discussion would include Denmark and France’s co-operation in the Sahel region of Africa (the area south of the Sahara), the current stream of refugees to and through Europe, the situation in Ukraine and the possibility of reaching an ambitious climate agreement during COP21 in December.