More Danish aid heading to Syria

Latest package to help relieve desperate food shortage

The Danish government has set aside a further 70 million kroner in aid to help the refugee situation in Syria

Some 30 million kroner will go to the UN World Food Programme – which is feeding some 4.2 million people in Syria – while 25 million kroner is earmarked for the UN refugee agency UNHCR and 15 million kroner will go to the International Red Cross Committee.

“The UN needs money and has been forced to cut down the food rations for the many millions of internally displaced within Syria and in neighbouring nations. So most of the aid is going towards food.” said the foreign minister, Kristian Jensen.

“There is no doubt the desperate situations combined with a lack of food and other basic needs are getting more and more Syrians to flee towards Europe.”

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1.1 billion since 2011
Jensen went on to urge his European colleagues and the wealthy Gulf states to take more responsibility for the humanitarian disaster.

With its latest donation, Denmark has donated almost 1.1 billion kroner in humanitarian aid since the crisis started back in 2011.