First refugees make it to Copenhagen

Over 1,000 have arrived to Denmark since Sunday

Just before midnight last night, the first train with refugees arrived at Copenhagen Central Station from Rødby in south Zealand.

The police were at hand to register about 30 people who were subsequently driven by bus to the Sandholm asylum centre. Two other people were arrested for being illegal as they didn’t wish to seek asylum.

The police estimate that over 1,000 refugees and migrants have now arrived in Denmark since Sunday evening and about 300 of those have disappeared. The authorities believe they are trying to make their way to Sweden.

“We’ve received reports that the public have transported a number of the refugees on to Sweden, despite the fact that it is actually illegal,” said Kim Kliver, a police inspector with the South Zealand and Lolland-Falster Police, according to TV2 News.

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Making Malmö 
It seems that many of the refugees have made it across the Øresund Bridge. The authorities in Malmö revealed that about 230 refugees have arrived in the city since Monday.

Many have already departed again in a bid to reach Gothenburg and Stockholm.