Mayors want to house refugees in Copenhagen

Capital should temporarily repeal its status as a ‘zero-refugee’ city

The Danish capital should temporarily repeal its status as a ‘zero-refugee’ municipality so the city can accept more refugees, according to two Copenhagen deputy mayors, Ninna Thomsen and Anna Mee Allerslev.

Being a ‘zero-refugee’ municipality means that Copenhagen won’t take in any more refugees this year because the city has already surpassed its quotas for the year.

“We have a responsibility to help people who have fled the horrors of war,” said Allerslev. “And that includes Copenhagen as the capital of the country. We can’t just hide and let the rest of the nation’s municipalities take care of it alone.”

“I think it’s only reasonable that just a little part of the relatively large amount of money we are negotiating about this year goes towards helping solve the largest challenge that Denmark and the rest of Europe and the world face right now.”

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Bavnehøjhallen reception centre
A decision on repealing the ‘zero-refugee’ status of Copenhagen is expected to be discussed today at City Hall.

The City Police has sequestered Bavnehøjhallen sports centre to use as a temporary reception centre for refugees and migrants.

Aside from Copenhagen, Vallensbæk, Ishøj, Høje-Taastrup, Brøndby and Albertslund municipalities are also ‘zero-refugee’.