Lufthansa strike to affect flights in Denmark

Some 1,000 flights cancelled worldwide

The latest strike involving pilots flying for the German airline Lufthansa could impact on close to 2,000 passengers flying from Copenhagen Airport today.

According to Morten Balk, the head of Lufthansa in Denmark, the strike will be brief, but 22 of the airline’s flights to and from Denmark have been cancelled today.

“We hope to be able to fly again on Thursday, but that day will likely be affected as well, as it’s such an encompassing strike,” Balk told DR Nyheder.

The negotiations have been ongoing all last year and this year. The conflict involves some 5,000 employees.

In total, 1,000 out of Lufthansa’s 3,000 global flights will be cancelled today, affecting some 140,000 passengers worldwide.

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Rail delays
And for people trying to get to or from Germany via rail, the news isn’t much better.

Large delays are expected on international lines from Hamburg and Berlin due to the current mass refugee movement across the country.

Trains heading to Copenhagen from Germany can expect longer delays at Rødby Færge as the police check passports and documents.