Exploring the secret recesses of the mind


If you thought that being a member of an audience meant merely sitting and watching, then this performance will surprise you. According to director Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen, who received rave reviews following his contemporary retelling of Pygmalion at Krudttønden in the spring, “Secrets will be a kind of journey, both physically and emotionally.”

The team behind the production have created a universe in which the powerful and honest short stories of a Serbian-born, Denmark-based writer, Tanja Mastilo, and their own original stories are revealed. The result will be a patchwork of the biggest, deepest and most embarrassing or grotesque secrets revealed, with the audience left with the challenge of determining fact from fiction. Featuring actors from three different generations and one musician, this hidden performance, both literally and metaphorically, will have you questioning those around you.

Thomas-Poulsen hopes “the audience will take away a unique and personal moment that will inspire them to examine their own secrets” – with the help of spoken word artist Rasmus Rhode as collaborator and composer to ensure the performance’s individual style.

Premiering on 11 September, the show starts at a cafe from where audiences will be transported to a secret location (surprise, surprise) to see, hear and feel “the magic of what it means to have secrets” through the powerful mediums of poetry, music and theatre.