Dane gets millions to light up the world

A new technology converting power for LED lighting products may become Denmark’s next innovation hit

A Danish student from DTU has received 13 million kroner to develop a ultra-compact, lightweight, cost-effective power converter that has the potential to become Denmark’s next international export hit.

Mickey Madsen came up with the idea to create an alternative to the electrical power converters for LED lighting products, when he was writing his thesis four years ago.

In 2014, Madsen formed Nordic Power Converters together with five other men, and by June 2015 his team tripled in size.

Lighter, cheaper, greener
Unlike traditional power converters, Madsen’s new technology, VHF SMPS (very high frequency switch mode power supplies), is lighter, lasts longer and has a green footprint.

VHF SMPS can be used in a number of products including LED lights, laptop chargers and power supplies integrated into screens and entertainment equipment.

This year, Madsen received the Semikron Innovation Award 2015 from the European Center for Power Electronics. And recently his company partnered up with HeSaLight, a Danish-based LED lighting company.