Group of Danes apologising to refugees for hostility in government ads

Publishing a new version of the controvesial advert, ‘People Reaching Out’ wishes to express compassion to anyone fleeing a war

In response to an advert posted by the government in four Lebanese newspapers on Monday warning potential refugees not to come to Denmark, a group of Danes have decided the message needs a little P.S. – a new ad of their own.

Using the original text, the protest group have added a short handwritten message in red, saying: “PS! Sorry for the hostility towards refugees expressed here. As ordinary Danes we wish to extend our sympathy and compassion to anyone fleeing war and despair. #Peoplereachingout.

The new ad will be printed in the same Lebanese newspapers as the government’s original.

You are not welcome here
The government advert informed readers that rules towards refugees in Denmark have been tightened and social benefits for newcomers have been cut down by up to 50 percent.

It also stated it will not be possible to get family reunification in Denmark during the first year.

The counter advert was designed by an advertising expert, Frederik Preisler, and the group behind it are currently seeking funds to have it printed. Some 200,000 kroner is needed.