Most Danes ready to accept more refugees

But immigrants are not as welcome

The media’s coverage of distraught and desperate refugees making their way to Europe and Denmark seems to have made an impact on the Danes, according to a new survey compiled by Megafon on behalf of TV2 and Politiken newspaper.

The survey showed that 54 percent of Danes believe their country should accept more refugees, while only 33 percent disagree.

That result is in stark comparison to a similar survey in July that revealed that just 16 percent believed Denmark should receive more refugees, while 44 percent said there were too many refugees being granted asylum in Denmark.

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No to immigrants
But while most of the Danes are prepared to welcome more refugees – defined as people fleeing war or persecution – immigrants are a different story.

Just 21 percent of Danes believe that the country should take in more of the immigrants from the Middle East and Africa who seek residence and work permits in Denmark. Some 62 percent disagree that Denmark should accept more.

The survey also revealed that when it comes to establishing border controls, 46 percent agreed while 44 percent disagreed.