Nordic ministers in joint stance against antibiotic resistance

Nordic Council of Ministers praises the initiative

The Nordic health and food product ministers have agreed to take a joint stance against antibiotic resistance through increased regional co-operation.

The declaration (here in English) also included establishing a Nordic strategy group and a joint voice that will convey Nordic opinions externally, such as in the EU.

“Antibiotics resistance is a growing problem that can lead to serious challenges in the health sector in the future unless we tackle it effectively,” said the health minister, Sophie Løhde.

“The bacteria have no notion of vocation or national borders, and so it makes sense to handle this issue via broad and international co-operation.”

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Nordic trailblazers
The strategy group has been tasked with promoting the exchange of best practice and ensuring an effective utilisation of Nordic resources within the scope of the problem.

Dagfinn Høybråten, the secretary general of the Nordic Council of Ministers, has praised the multilateral initiative.

“The Nordic nations are leading the fight against antibiotic resistance and this declaration is an important step towards solving a massive challenge that transcends nations and sectors,” said Høybråten.