Refugees free to move through Denmark

They can only be detained for 72 hours, said police chief

It started last night when the police let around 200 refugees, who had been sitting on a train in Rødbyhavn since Tuesday refusing to get off, leave the train without taking any action.

The majority of those refugees got into private cars that took them to their desired destination: Sweden. Today, the police are letting hundreds of refugees around the country move freely through Denmark.

According to the state police chief Jens Henrik Højbjerg, the police can’t detain the refugees longer than 72 hours before having to release them.

“As part of the immigration law, we have the power to detain people for 3 x 24 hours,” Højbjerg told Dr Nyheder. “Clearly, when that time expires, we can’t detain them from travelling to another country.”

Initially the train was heading to Sweden, but it was then rerouted to Copenhagen before coming to halt in Rødbyhavn.

More than 3,000 refugees have arrived to Denmark since Sunday.

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Activists attack
In related news, a group of about 50 Danish and German left-wing activists attacked the police with bottles in Padborg last night.

The group attacked because they wanted the police to release a group of refugees being detained at the station.

The police ended up arresting one of the group.