World-class diabetes centre earmarked for Copenhagen

Thanks to a large donation from Novo Nordisk, Danish patients with diabetes can look forward to first-rate treatment

The Novo Nordisk Foundation and the Capital Region have agreed to build a new world-class diabetes centre that will provide first-rate treatment to patients and specialise in diabetes research and education.

The foundation will donate 2.8 billion kroner to build the so-called ‘Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen’ and to co-finance the centre’s research and educational activities.

The new centre will have the capacity to treat more than 11,000 patients annually for all types of diabetes and provide round-the-clock assistance to the entire Capital Region.

The plan is to build the diabetes centre adjacent to Herlev Hospital. Construction work is expected to be finished in 2020.

Increasing need for better treatment
According to Sophie Hæstorp Andersen, the head of the Capital Region, diabetes is one of the major diseases that will affect increasingly more Danes in the coming years.

“Therefore there is a need for an innovative diabetes centre that can offer patients treatment comparable with the world’s best and where researchers from Denmark and abroad can be at the forefront of progressive research,” Andersen stated.

“From international experience we know that a close co-operation between treatment and research provides the best treatment results, and it is my hope that it can also provide more insights in how to best tackle other major diseases.”

Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen will play an active role in the prevention of diabetes and all its complications and closely co-operate with general practitioners, who have a crucial role in detecting the early stages of the disease.