At Cinemas: What’s the fuss about Amy Schumer?

Best off letting the animals dream of some decent flicks

Last month Amy Schumer ruffled feathers at Disney HQ with some saucy pics featuring her in compromised situations with characters from Star Wars. The House of Mouse did not approve of this inappropriate use of their latest acquisition but no doubt, the controversial photo shoot did little to hinder Schumer’s rising star.

Now Denmark can find out what all the fuss is about as Schumer arrives on our screens with Trainwreck, a romcom written by and starring the comedienne. Relationships are typically Schumer’s raw material from which she spins comedy gold, and this release about a fervently anti-monogamist, who has to rethink her philosophies when she meets Mr Right, appears to be no exception.

Also out this week is Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, the first sequel to yet another pretender to the coveted Hunger Games young adult franchise throne – advance word is fairly tepid.

And lastly, there’s X+Y, a flawed drama about a socially awkward teenage math prodigy. See this week’s review.

From September 14-27, the city’s cinemas will be play host to Buster, an annual children’s and youth-related film festival that will screen around 120 movies for audiences of all ages. As usual there will be new features, short films and documentaries. And there are also unique opportunities to meet the filmmakers and take part in various workshops and events. See – most films cost only 15 kroner to watch.

On Thursday the 10th (as you read this, so get your skates on), Cinemateket will begin screening HBO’s Going Clear, the latest documentary to take an in-depth, critical look at the life of L Ron Hubbard and the Church Of Scientology.

Perhaps equally as scary, on Sunday at 14:15, I recommend checking out the Danish on a Sunday series (with English subs), which this week is showing When Animals Dream. It’s a coming-of-age werewolf story set in a small Danish fishing village. Jonas Alexander Arnby’s debut fiction film is heavy on atmosphere and features a strong lead performance from Sonia Suhl. For Cinemateket’s full program, see