Danish ministers to meet pope this week

Pope Francis has emerged as a strong voice against climate challenges

The energy and climate minister, Lars Christian Lilleholt, and the environment and food minister, Eva Kjer Hansen, will meet Pope Francis ahead of the forthcoming UN General Assembly concerning global targets and the COP21 climate summit in Paris later this year.

Pope Frances has become a vocal voice against the climate challenges that threaten the world, and he wants to meet EU’s climate and environment ministers before the important meetings take place.

“Denmark has always been strongly engaged in the climate issue, and I think it’s positive that the pope is actively taking on climate change,” said Lilleholt. “The pope’s engagement will help build up political momentum in the negotiations head of COP21 in Paris.”

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Leading role
Denmark’s leading global role in green technology and sustainable energy solutions means the country has a strong voice when it comes to the climate debate, according to the Climate and Food Ministry.

The meeting will take place at the Vatican on Wednesday September 16, and the pope will also take part in the UN General Assembly in New York on September 25-27.