Copenhagen Zoo busy preparing for birthday mania and ‘Tasmania’

New enclosure will house wallabies, forester kangaroos and several Tasmanian devils

Copenhagen Zoo is celebrating its 156th anniversary on September 20 with a rich program that includes a walk down memory lane and a chance to explore the new ‘Tasmania’ enclosure.

On this special day, visitors can learn more about the changes the zoo has undergone over the past 30 years and hear personal anecdotes from long-serving zoo-keepers while a swing jazz trio play uplifting music in the background.

The birthday program starts at 10 am and holders of the annual membership card can invite one guest for free.

New facility opening soon
As well as watching the feeding of the penguins, lions, elephants, camels and baboons, visitors have the chance to walk around the zoo’s newest facility, the  ‘Tasmania’ enclosure.

However, most of its inhabitants won’t be there as ‘Tasmania’ doesn’t officially open until September 23, when wallabies, forester kangaroos and several Tasmanian devils will frequent the facility.

Other animals, including wombats, will be added to the Australian compound eventually.

Breeding of Tasmanian devils
Copenhagen Zoo is the only zoo in Europe to house Tasmanian devils.

The zoo received its first pair of devils in 2006 as a gift to celebrate the birth of Crown Princess Mary’s first son Christian.

Crown Princess Mary originally comes from Tasmania.

In 2013, the zoo celebrated the delivery of seven of the endangered marsupials as two female Tasmania devils gave birth during the year.