Denmark agrees to take in more refugees

750 million kroner set aside to help tackle crisis

Ahead of travelling to Brussels today to take part in EU meetings regarding the refugee crisis, Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen revealed at a press conference this morning that Denmark would take in an additional 1,000 refugees in the future.

Furthermore, the government has agreed to set aside 750 million kroner to assist in tackling the refugee crisis. But he maintained that Denmark would continue to reject being part of any EU quota program.

“It is essential there is a balance in the Danish immigration policy and, while we will continue our humanitarian efforts in the future, it is important that we continue to have that balance in the future,” said Rasmussen.

“The world, Europe and Denmark are under pressure, and the time for joint solutions in Denmark and in Europe has arrived. But once again I must stress that Danish immigration policy won’t be decided in Brussels.”

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Integration meeting
Of the funds set aside, 250 million kroner will be going to humanitarian efforts and the remaining 500 million kroner is earmarked for other European initiatives dedicated to getting the crisis under control.

The agreements will still have to be agreed upon by parliament.

The prime minister said that about 1,000 people had sought asylum in Denmark since the wave of refugees began arriving in the country on September 6.

Furthermore, Rasmussen said the government would meet with a number of municipalities and civil society organisations to discuss how Denmark can better integrate the new refugees.