Denmark’s most ‘sinful’ names are Michael and Anni

Mature generation open to new experiences in the bedroom

If you’re Danish and have a sex toy or two in your bedroom, there’s a decent chance your name is either Michael or Anni, according to a new survey by the erotic webshop

The survey, which is based on the last 100,000 orders that have trickled in at the webshop, showed that Michael and Anni were the two names that bought the most sex toys, while two rather more traditional names, Vera and Sigurd, spent the most money.

“It’s great to see that it’s the more mature generation that tops the list when it comes to purchasing sex toys,” said Mathilde Mackowski, the co-founder of

“It reveals that they are up for trying something new in the bedroom and are yearning for an inspirational and playful sex life.”

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Oldies butt goodies
The top five naughtiest names in Denmark were all male names – Michael, Marius, Lars, Sigurd and Felix – while Anni, Randi, Leo, Mette and Vera rounded up the top 10.

The survey also showed that the younger generation spends the least money on sex toys and that, on average, men spend more than women.

The survey included the 500 most used names in Denmark, which represent 4.5 million of the Danish population. has created a name generator that allows the user to enter their name to see where it ranks on the list. You can also compare your name with other names. For instance, Michael is 45 percent more ‘sinful’ than Rasmus. Check it out here.