At Cinemas: Transport me anywhere but a cinema

Mark Walker
September 18th, 2015

This article is more than 9 years old.

Another week in which you’re better off with Buster

She can’t believe he ditched Daenerys to muck around with her

One thing severely lacking in Denmark is mountains. Even a moderate hill is a rare sight. However, after watching Everest, this week’s big release in IMAX 3D, you might feel grateful for Denmark’s distinct lack of gradient. Boasting an incredible cast and awe-inspiring visuals, Everest follows an ill-fated expedition in 1996 – and is reviewed this week.

The Transporter Refueled is an attempt to resurrect Luc Besson’s franchise following the departure of its star, Jason Statham. Taking over the role of Frank Martin is Ed Skrien, who himself was mysteriously replaced on Game of Thrones. If the rumour that he departed that show for this film series holds true, it was certainly a poor trade. Reviews have not been favourable.

Pawn Sacrifice from the pen of Stephen Knight (Locke, Peaky Blinders), which is directed by Edward Zwick, is a dramatisation of the legendary Cold War chess match between Bobby Fischer (US) and Boris Spassky (CCCP). The film has thus far garnered a lukewarm reception.

Over at Cinemateket there’s still time to catch the latter half of the Salaam Film Festival – Friday the 18th is the final day before the festival continues elsewhere. Each film is introduced by its director, and this year many of the films focus on female lives. I Am Yours by Iram Haq was Norway’s Oscar candidate and screens on Friday with English subs at 19:00. See dfi.dk/Filmhuset

Until the 27th, all of the city’s cinemas will continue to play host to Buster, the annual child and youth-related film festival. There’s features, shorts, documentaries and opportunities to meet the filmmakers. You can also take part in various workshops and events. See buster.dk

On Saturday at 12:00, you can catch Italy in a Day, the second film in Gloria Bio’s Grazie Gloria series – a monthly opportunity to see recent Italian cinema with English subtitles. Taking a cue from the Ridley Scott-produced Life In A Day, director Gabriele Salvatores invited ordinary Italian citizens to use their smartphones, still cameras and other devices to record their lives on 26 October 2013.


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