Every tenth Dane has shagged at work

And that’s not even including Julefrokosts

Given the sexually-charged nature of the annual Julefrokost Christmas lunch parties in Denmark, it’s hardly a surprise that many Danes have had sex at work.

But even if you don’t take the Julefrokost shenanigans into consideration, the Danes are naughtier than most at work. Every tenth Dane claims they’d had sex at their workplace outside of Julefrokosts, according to a YouGov survey for Metroxpress newspaper.

“You don’t drag your partner to work to have sex,” sexologist Joan Ørting told Metroxpress. “It’s definitely your colleague or the boss. You see people at work the most – far more than our friends. That’s five days a week you can put energy into the relationship.”

Most people at the office make an effort to be presentable, according to Ørting.

“At work we make the most effort – particularly with make-up. At home we drop the façade, jump into jogging pants and relax.”

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Grounds for sacking
A sneaky little sordid rendezvous in the printing room may sound appealing to some people, but it is not without its risks. Hitting the sack at the office could get you the sack.

If the sexual escapades bother the couple’s colleagues or take place during working hours, the boss can hand out warnings and fire the couple if it continues to happen. Unless, of course, the boss is involved!

However, according to the union HK, there are very few Danish companies that have rules against having a relationship with a colleague.