Public school bans mobile phones

student concentration has improved, teachers maintain

A public school in Skægkær north of Silkeborg has decided to ban the use of mobile phones during classes in order to reduce distractions.

All pupils now have to hand in their mobile phones when they come to class in the morning and receive them back before they leave the school.

While some students didn’t have a problem with the new rule, others were less willing to yield.

“We, the pupils, are responsible for our own learning, and so it must be up to us to control how we use our phones,” Caroline Eslund from class 9B told DR.

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Improved exams
Research by the London School of Economics revealed that schools that banned pupils from carrying mobile phones showed a sustained improvement in exam results.

One of the school’s teachers, Helen Risgaard, commended the banning of mobile phones as student concentration during class has improved.

“The difference is really obvious. Students were more erratic before,” Risgaard commented.

“There was often something more exciting happening elsewhere than on the blackboard.”

Unlike the pupils, teachers are still allowed to keep their mobile phones at hand.