Legoland in Billund expanding

Visitors can look forward to the new section opening in spring next year

Legoland has announced plans for an expansion of the popular amusement park in Billund in eastern Jutland. The new section is currently under construction and due to open next March.

A 85 million kroner investment is being used to build a new interactive universe, NINJAGO.

Some 727,000 Lego bricks will be used on building the 5,100 sqm attraction, which is based on the popular cartoon series Lego Ninjago.

“Ninjago is a universe known to children around the world. The story is about friendship, good versus evil and a lot of active play,” explained Christian Woller, the head of Legoland.

Active play, testing all senses
The main attraction is the Ninjago The Ride, a 4D universe in which you are challenged to master the four elements.

The attraction also features LEGO building stations, games to test reflexes and balance, Asian cuisine and a new shopping venue.