Cold and wet summer benefiting Danish owls

The nocturnal birds have more to eat and are likely to lay more eggs

The weather in June and July this year was a cold and rainy affair, but it has benefited Danish owls, reports DR.

According to Andreas Hermann, a communications co-ordinator at the Nature Agency in Sønderjylland, owls will have more to eat this year, and are therefore likely to lay more eggs.

More nuts mean more mice
“Owls adapt the number of eggs they lay according to the food available,” Hermann told DR.

“There are more hazelnuts on the trees thanks to the rainy summer this year, which means there will be more mice and that means more food for owls.”

Number of eggs varies
Most owls lay between three to four eggs, but the number may differ, depending on the species and season.

In Denmark, several owl species have been recorded including the barn owl, tawny owl and European eagle-owl.