Danish boy convicted of manslaughter

A 15-year-old Dane killed a female pensioner whilst ‘exploring’ her apartment

The High Court of Western Denmark in Viborg has today convicted a 16-year-old boy of manslaughter that he committed last year in Lemvig in western Jutland, Politiken reports.

The court thus confirmed a June decision of the Court in Holstebro, which the boy’s defence attorney appealed to.

The defence requested the boy was tried for violence resulting in death instead of manslaughter.

In August 2014, the boy struck a 77-year-old woman to death.

Retarded but not insane
According to the boy’s testimony, he went for a walk during the night and saw the victim’s balcony door was open.

He entered her apartment, where the elderly woman surprised him and he killed her.

A mental examination has shown the boy is retarded but not insane.