PET: no terrorists among refugees in Denmark

Authorities estimate some 12,400 refugees and migrants have entered Denmark since September 6

PET, the Danish security and intelligence service, has confirmed it is very unlikely there are terrorists disguised as refugees who have entered Denmark, DR Nyheder reports.

According to PET head Finn B Andersen, there is no evidence that organised militant groups are using the routes to smuggle fighters into Europe, so the current threat assessment level remains unchanged from March at ‘serious’.

Over 10,000 have entered
Meanwhile, the justice minister, Søren Pind, and the national police commissioner, Jens Henrik Højbjerg, have reported that a minimum of 12,400 refugees and economic migrants have entered Denmark since September 6.

Some 1,500 of them have applied for asylum in the country.

Danish politicians concerned
Parliament recently expressed concerns about the current security situation in Denmark after Islamic State announced plans to smuggle some 4,000 Islamist fighters disguised as refugees to Europe.

According to PET, however, there is no need for special concerns.

“Such statements are usually used as deception, but it cannot be denied there may be people sympathising with the Islamist propaganda among the refugees,” Andersen stated.