Bus operator awards indicate happy customers

Movia, Denmark’s biggest transport company, has awarded a number of industry awards to its subcontractor bus operators around the country on the basis of passenger reviews. The company’s quality index, based on reviews from 30,000 passengers, give the picture of a largely satisfied customer base.

Ørslev Turisttrafik of Vordingborg drove away with the title of bus operator of the year, having received the best feedback.

There was a special category for Copenhagen, where Keolis Danmark, which runs the 5A line – Denmark’s busiest bus route, with more than 20 million passengers last year – took the prize.

Søren Englund, the head of operations at Movia, praised companies that went the extra distance for passengers.

“At Movia we are dedicated to increasing the proportion of our very satisfied customers,” he said.

“We already have a high level of customer satisfaction, with 95 percent of passengers satisfied or very satisfied. Therefore it is pleasing when operators make a focused effort to heighten customer satisfaction.”

In addition, three companies – Nobina, Arriva and Anchersens Rute – were jointly awarded the environmental operator of the year award for making a special effort to become more environmentally friendly.