Out & About: We are the world!

NGG International once again hosted another splendid International Day, inviting 26 different nationalities along with their culture, traditions and food.

Highlights included a flag parade, cooking and dance demonstrations, a spot of cricket (old sport) and lots of fun.

Many parents took part and it was clear from their pop song-inspired comments that it was a day that they will think fondly of for months to come.

“I humbly propose that it was the best ever, certainly the most united gathering of our wonderful community,” said one of them.

“There was magic in the air, and the certainty that our children, and us combined parents and teachers, really do know how to run the world. All you need is love.”

One of the other parents simply stated: “We are the world!”

While added: “I’ve been smiling all day. So many ‘golden moments!’”

International culture family  event
International culture family event (photo taken by NGG)