Danish football derby marred by violent clashes in Brøndby

Brøndby and FC Copenhagen fans in mass brawl before Sunday fixture

Brøndby beat their arch-rivals FC Copenhagen (FCK) for the first time in two years with their 1-0 victory on Sunday, but the derby match was marred by violence off the pitch from as early as Saturday night.

DR reports that 50-100 people were involved in a mass brawl at around 2 am on Sunday morning outside a Brøndby fan clubhouse on Hesselager in Brøndby.

Weapons used
Weapons were reportedly used in what appeared to be a pre-arranged confrontation. Police were unable to intervene before reinforcements arrived, at which point the brawlers fled, resulting in no arrests being made.

Kick-off was arranged for 1 pm on Sunday so that there would be at least two hour’s daylight following the final whistle.

There was a heavy police presence to keep the rival fans apart, but BT reports that several hundred FCK fans attempted to break through the police lines separating them from the Brøndby supporters.

Police in riot gear reportedly used their batons to control the crowd and at least one FCK fan was hospitalised.