Danish innovation hubs receive top marks

From Shanghai to Sao Paolo, the centres are giving Danish research a massive boost

Danish innovation centres abroad are generating value and increasing the internationalisation of Danish education and companies, according to the Education and Research Ministry.

The innovation centres – located in the US, Brazil, China, Germany, Japan, India and South Korea – have been evaluated to have made a massive impact on  co-operation between Danish and local researchers and the educational and business sectors.

“If we are to succeed at being internationally competitive, Denmark must remain ahead when it comes to the internationalisation of our educationsand research,” said the education and research minister, Esben Lunde Larsen.

“That means we must be present where there is growth and opportunity. The innovation centres play a huge role in terms of promoting co-operation between the Danish and international knowledge and innovation arenas, and I will work towards further strengthening them.”

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From Shanghai to Sao Paulo
The first Danish innovation centre opened in Silicon Valley in the US back in 2006, and since then centres have been established in Shanghai, Munich, Seoul, New Delhi, Tokyo and Sao Paulo.

The centres strengthen Danish education and research by building bridges across borders to local institutions and markets.

Innovation Centre Denmark is run in co-operation with the Education and Research Ministry and the Foreign Ministry. See the evaluation of the innovation centres here (in English).