Falcon becomes roadkill on Danish hunting show

Cameras catch unlucky hunters’ bird of prey being hit by lorry on busy motorway

Yesterday was the season premiere of the DR hunting and food program ‘Nak og Æd’ (kill and eat), but one of the animals killed was meant to be doing the hunting.

The hosts Jørgen and Nikolaj were in France to hunt partridges and were introduced to the art of falconry by some experts. But unfortunately the spot chosen from which to release the bird of prey was next to a busy motorway.

As soon as the bird is set free it can be seen flying towards the traffic. The voices of the hunters can be heard nervously urging the falcon to change course, but it continues on a path directly into a lorry.

The bird’s owner takes off his hat and his comrades try to comfort him, telling him: “It was a good bird but c’est la vie.

The unfortunate incident can be seen here: