Carl Holst resigns as defence minister

Holst blames scandal relating to his pay-off as head of Region Syddenmark

Carl Holst has resigned as Danish defence minister.

In an official statement, he admitted the scandal following his pay-off from his previous job as head of Region Syddanmark was the main reason for him stepping down.

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“My time as head of Region Syddanmark has ended up overshadowing my opportunity to make a difference as defence minister and minister for Nordic co-operation,” Holst stated.

“These scandals have also gradually come to impact on the work of the entire government and I don’t want that.”

Holst received negative press when it emerged he was getting a pay-off worth more than 800,000 kroner from Region Syddenmark while simultaneously receiving a salary of 1.2 million kroner as defence minister.

Barely a week ago, Holst was voted the least popular of the 17 ministers in the Venstre government that was formed almost exactly three months ago.