Indian summer stretching into October

Temperatures could reach 20 degrees at the weekend

After a rather woeful first half of the summer, the Danes have been enjoying an Indian summer as of late, with temperatures creeping up to 20 degrees.

And that trend looks set to continue into early October, according to the national weather forecaster DMI, which predicts temperatures will remain high during the first few days of the month.

From Thursday this week and on to Sunday, temperatures could reach 20 degrees, which alas is still some distance short of 26.9 degrees, the record temperature for October set back in 2011.

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Frost on the way
The unusually warm weather is due to a large high pressure system that has moved into Denmark and further west.

According to the prognosis, the warm and mostly sunny weather is expected to persist until the end of the October 10-11 weekend when more typical autumn weather will descend upon Denmark once again.

Despite the glowing prediction, DMI has also revealed that temperatures were close to dipping below freezing last night in several parts of the country. Yesterday morning, the temperature in Aalborg fell to 0.7 degrees.