Unruly taxi drivers face being banned from Copenhagen Airport

Initiative to urge cabbies to be more service-minded

In order to provide tourists and customers a better experience when visiting the Danish capital, a new system is being launched by Copenhagen Airport and the taxi companies to punish taxi drivers who don’t deliver a desired level of service.

From October 5, all cabs servicing the airport must have an electronic Brobizz bridge pass in order to pass through a barrier to pick up customers.

“It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, the customers should always be able to expect a clean taxi and a friendly, well-dressed and service-minded driver who is ready to help with luggage,” Trine Wollenberg, the head of the taxi authority Dansk Taxiråd, told Berlingske newspaper.

“The new taxi management system will strengthen the industry’s focus on good service.”

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Rewards and punishments
Should the taxi drivers not deliver a satisfactory service, they face a ban of between 12 hours and a week.

In worst-case scenarios, unruly drivers face being completely banned from picking up customers from the lucrative airport destination altogether.

But it’s not all bad for the taxi drivers as the system will also reward drivers who offer the best service with a bonus of up to 500,000 kroner a year.

Earlier this week, the exhibition and conference centre Bella Center decided to boycott several taxi companies due to frequent complaints from guests.