At Cinemas: Grave worries about De Niro – just not enough graves!

Raising a glass to the Log Lady


There’s no news more exciting than hearing that filming is underway on David Lynch’s long awaited third series of Twin Peaks, but sadly we won’t be getting one of the series’ most iconic characters this time around as Catherine Coulson, The Log Lady, passed away at the weekend. So – no BOB and no Log Lady? That’s already starting to sound a little thin on the ground. Are there still owls in Twin Peaks? Next they’ll be saying there’s water on Mars.

On the big screen this week The Walk sees Joseph Gordon-Levitt following in the footsteps of Phillipe Petit and director Rob Zemeckis by retracing the narrative steps of James Marsh’s documentary Man on Wire. See this week’s review.

Also out is The Intern, which sees the mighty Robert De Niro do – yet another comedy. This time he’s a senior intern-cum-living anachronism at a fashion website. Good to see De Niro back on screens, and De Niro is a great comic actor. Personally though, I’m tired of seeing funny De Niro – unless it’s King Of Comedy De Niro – same goes for action/thriller De Niro. Let’s see drama De Niro again soon. The Intern has received lukewarm reviews.

Anyone looking for a crash course in Buddhism might do worse than watch Conrad Brooks’ strangely hypnotic biopic of Prince Siddhartha, who left all his worldly comforts and went out in search of enlightenment. Interestingly, the director’s own story, as the son of the Avon cosmetics empire, is not entirely different. The film is beautifully shot by Ingmar Bergman regular Sven Nykvist. Siddhartha screens today (Thursday) at 21:45 at Cinemateket.

From Friday until the 11th, Cinemateket is playing host to MIX Copenhagen, a festival of exciting international films across all genres that celebrate sexuality and beauty in all its forms. There’s also a new season of nine atmospheric films starting this week under the title In The Deep South. The line-up includes classics like To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) and Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012). For the program, check out

Now I’m off to Studiestræde to raise a glass in The Log Lady Cafe. Until next week, I’ll see you in the trees.