Spies turning heads worldwide with new ad campaign

The ‘Do it for Mom’ campaign urges wannabe grandmothers to hasten the process of ‘producing’ grandchildren

Somebody give the marketing department of Danish travel agency Spies Rejser a banana!

Because they’ve struck absolute gold with their latest ad, which targets Danish mothers interested in accelerating their progression to grandmotherhood by buying their children a sporty holiday on which to seal the deal.

At the rate the ‘Do it for Mom’ ad is picking up publicity, Spies Rejser could end up attracting interest from all over the ‘slow birth rate’ world.

TIME magazine couldn’t resist it, and neither could CNN, CNBC nor Fox News. While English newspapers The Guardian and The Daily Mail, normally at loggerheads, were among the first to recognise its click-bait potential.

Tried and trusted
It’s no secret that Denmark has one of the lowest birth rates in the world and the Danes are waiting longer and longer to embark on parenthood.

And this isn’t the first time that a Spies advert has lamented this fact.

A campaign in 2014, ‘Do it for Denmark’, offered couples an ‘ovulation discount’ whereby they could win a three-year supply of baby stuff if they could prove they conceived their child on a Spies holiday.

Removing the awkwardness
‘Do it for Mom’ urges aspiring grandmothers to book an active holiday for their kids through Spies.

“You were there when your son learned how to walk. You were there when he learned to ride his first bicycle and you were there when he learned how to read,” the ad says.

“But when it comes to making grandchildren it might be a bit awkward to help out. [Video shows ‘Granny’ helping to undo bra.] We may have found the solution.”

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Doing it well
Spies goes on to claim that people have 51 percent more sex on a sunny vacation, compared to other vacation types (camping -2 percent).

‘Do it for Denmark’ campaign from 2014.

“If they don’t want to do it for their country, then they’ll do it for their mothers”, Spies states, although the travel agency discloses that the delivery of a grandchild within nine months is not guaranteed.