Lego enters international brand rankings at number 82

Toy producer is the only Danish company featured in the top 100 most valuable brands

The international brand consultancy Interbrand has released its annual global rankings, rating the comparative value of the world’s biggest brands, and Lego is the highest-ranked newcomer at number 82 and the only Danish company in the top 100.

The report looks at the value of a brand in terms of how it affects the company’s financial performance. Only international companies are eligible, which is defined as those generating at least 30 percent of their revenue outside their home country.

Branding need for speed
It is the 16th time Interbrand has produced its list and Jez Frampton, the marketing firm’s CEO, thinks it is more relative than ever.

“The Best Global Brands report examines what it takes for brands to succeed in today’s hyper-fragmented world. As people demand immediate, personalised and tailored experiences, business and brands need to move at the speed of light,” he said.

“Many of the brands in this year’s Top 100 are so intuitively aligned with people’s priorities that they are able to seamlessly integrate into their everyday lives.”

Lego’s brand value is 5.36 billion US dollars (about 36 billion kroner), according to the Interbrand study.

Apple topped the rankings for the third time with a brand value of 170.3 billion US dollars (1,130 billion kroner), up 43 percent on last year. Google and Coca-Cola were second and third.