Cold weather hitting Denmark this week

It’s time to bust out those hats and gloves

Say goodbye to the Indian summer and unpack your warmer garments. The colder autumn weather is on the brink of making its first appearance in Denmark this year.

Today and tomorrow the weather will remain a decent 15-18 degrees with a speckle of sunshine tossed in for good measure, but from Wednesday on it’s going to be ‘pishing it doon’ as they say in Scotland, with blustery wind and temperatures dropping down to about 10 degrees.

“We are about to have a very different type of weather,” Lars Henriksen, a meteorologist with DMI, told Ekstra Bladet newspaper. “It will be windy and wet and feel like proper autumn weather.”

“It will start on Tuesday already, but will gather momentum in the middle of the week. Wednesday and Thursday look like they could offer up a considerable amount of rain. It’ll feel more and more like autumn as the week progresses.”

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Freezing nights?
The temperature over the weekend will struggle to exceed 10 degrees during the daytime hours and is expected to drop down to near freezing at nights.

The reason for the cold spell is a cold weather front arriving from the south west.