Danish drink wins gold at renowned cocktail competition

‘100 Years of Silver’ went down smooth at Drinks International

The drink ‘100 Years of Silver’, made from the Danish schnapps D Argentum, has been awarded a gold medal at the renowned Drinks International competition in the UK.

The cocktail, which is named in tribute to the legendary train connection between New York and Chicago, won gold in the ‘after dinner’ category of the competition for Den Ny Spritfabrik, which produces D Argentum and also won a bronze for its cocktail ‘Dillinger’.

“In the after-dinner category four bronzes, two silver and two golds were awarded. Den Ny Spritfabrik’s D Argentum-based drink, ‘100 Years of Silver’, was awarded gold. Made from D Agentum, Lillet Blanc, Creme de Cacao and lemon juice, Happiness Forgets’ [Alastair] Burgess said it was ‘limy, crisp, with subtle dill’ and ‘very tasty’,” Drinks International wrote.

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Modern snaps
Den Ny Spritfabrik was established in 2014 for the purpose of creating a new and modern schnapps that would transcend its traditional role as a pickled herring chaser into something more high class and enjoyable individually, such as a fine Scotch whisky.

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