Denmark strengthening maritime co-operation with Ghana

Deal to help cultivate sustainable growth and employment in the west African maritime sector

The Business and Growth Ministry has decided to boost its position in Ghana by establishing a maritime link at the Danish embassy in Accra as of September 1.

Ghana has experienced substantial economic growth over the past 20 years and is an important export market for Danish maritime companies.

“There is massive potential for Danish maritime companies in west Africa,” said the business and growth minister, Troels Lund Poulsen. “I am pleased to be strengthening co-operation with Ghana by creating an even better platform for Danish maritime companies operating in west Africa.”

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Sustainable growth
Poulsen met earlier today with the Ghanaian deputy transport minister, Joyce Bawa Mogtari, who is currently in Denmark taking part in the Danish Maritime Forum.

The meeting yielded improved co-operation between the two nations in the maritime arena and the approval for Ghanaian sailors to work aboard Danish ships.

Another goal is to utilise Danish maritime experience and its position of strength to build up a foundation for sustainable growth and employment in the maritime sector in Ghana.