Copenhagen drops ‘Øresund’ branding

City to once again use its own name to market itself to the world

The city of Copenhagen is dropping out of the Øresund Committee and will instead support the Capital Region’s ‘Greater Copenhagen’ efforts to market itself on the world stage.

“The Øresund Committee has had its day,” Copenhagen mayor Frank Jensen told DR P4 Copenhagen. “We now need to move on to something new in terms of moving our international branding forward.”

Still need Sweden
Jensen said that despite pulling out of the Øresund Committee, working with Sweden was still a major part of attracting international growth to Copenhagen.

“If we want a Chinese or American company to position itself with a northern European headquarters, there must be sufficient critical mass. We will accomplish this by standing together with our Swedish colleagues,” said Jensen.

Sophie Hæstorp-Andersen, the head of the Capital Region, also believes the Øresund Committee has run its course,

“‘Øresund’ has no meaning outside of the area and is also hard for foreigners to pronounce,” she said. “On the other hand, we can see Copenhagen is a strong brand.”

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Andersen said she is working on getting the players to agree on rebranding the Øresund Committee into a new Greater Copenhagen collaboration.

Greater Copenhagen’s strategy will focus on four growth areas: health, digitalisation, sustainability and creative businesses.