Women’s group says bar is guilty of sexism

An advertisement in which two female bartenders take off their tops creates an environment that encourages sexual harassment and abuse says Dansk Kvindesamfund

Eske’s Bierbar in Vejle has an ad on its Facebook page that shows two female bartenders with their backs to the camera. Their tops are pulled up to reveal drink specials written on their bare backs. The scroll on the ad then reads: “Want to see more? Meet up with Rikke and Pernille at the bar tonight.”

Helena Gleesborg Hansen from the women’s group Dansk Kvindesamfund said that the ad sends out the wrong message.

“We think that it sends out a bad signal and encourages the sexual harassment of female employees,” Hansen told DR Nyheder.

“True, they are not showing their breasts, but the expectation is created that they will if you turn up at the bar later.”

Dennis Lærche, the manager of Eske’s Bier Bar, said that the bartenders were fine with the advertisement.

Attitude adjustment needed
Hansen said the fact the bartenders went along with the ad doesn’t change the problem.

“If a boss asks an employee to do something, there is a power relationship involved,” said Hansen. “ After all, they want to keep their jobs. I think that sends out bad signals.”

Hansen said she is not asking that advertising with naked women be banned, but she would like to see there is a change of attitude similar to the one that happened in relation to drinking and driving.