Denmark sets aside millions in aid for Syria

140 million kroner to help quell mass migration

The prime minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, has revealed that Denmark will provide another 140 million kroner in aid to Syria.

Furthermore, Denmark pledges to increase the number of Danish experts working in the EU asylum offices by 15 percent.

“We must be able to keep up so our economic and cultural make-up doesn’t crack,” Rasmussen told Berlingske newspaper. “That means we must do something about the reasons for these massive migrations.”

Denmark will spend 75 million kroner of the aid on providing Syrian refugees with better opportunities to restart their lives in the nearby areas they have initially fled to.

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EU meeting today
According to Rasmussen, the funds could be spent on education and better business opportunities for refugees in neighbouring nations like Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.

Another 28 million kroner portion of the aid has been set aside to alleviate humanitarian efforts on the Horn of Africa, while a further 37 million kroner will go to supporting the planned EU centre for the registration of refugees in Italy and Greece.

EU leaders are meeting today to discuss the refugee crisis, including controlling the outer border areas of Europe.