Løkke Rasmussen hails results of EU refugee meeting

EU agrees to assist Turkey’s refugee efforts with 22.3 billion kroner

The prime minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, has revealed that the EU meeting last night regarding the ongoing refugee crisis yielded positive results.

The EU agreed to financially support Turkey with about 22.3 billion kroner to ensure improved border controls into Europe and better conditions for refugees already in Turkey.

“A few weeks ago, the debate was about whether we could find a solution to dispersing the refugees, and now there is a lot more focus on doing something to stop the stream to Europe,” Rasmussen said at a press conference last night.

“So the discussion is no longer about how we share the problem, but how we do something about it.”

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Easing the pressure
According to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Turkey has already spent about 52 billion kroner on the refugee crisis and it makes sense for the EU to lend a helping hand.

Rasmussen emphasised that a few details still needed to be ironed out before the deal becomes a reality.

“I think the commission has obtained an excellent result,” said Rasmussen. “We share mutual interests with Turkey, and this will help alleviate the pressure building on Europe’s borders.”