Out & About: Props to the backstage brigade!

Photos by Augustina Leonaite

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Ever wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes of the Royal Danish Theater? Well, 30-odd inquisitive souls went on a tour of its 8,000 sqm workshops last Wednesday to learn more about the decorations, lights and props, and how fast one scene can be transferred into a completely different one.

Leading the tour was David Drachmann, a member of the painting team – in total the theatre employs 50 full-time and part-time technicians, painters and carpenters.

After all, you need a big crew to turn to when you need a convincing looking fake cat.

One of the visitors, Mandeep Singh, the co-founder and editor of Paper (paper-magazine.org) enjoyed the possibility.

“The ability to continually transform the same space into something more than the sum of its parts is a special one,” he said.