A vegan restaurant worth rabbiting on about

Five years on, everyone’s still talking about Simpleraw

You think raw food is boring and only rabbits eat carrots for breakfast? We have found a place in the heart of Copenhagen that will teach you differently and make you crave carrots and avocado for breakfast for days after.

Manna from heaven
We made our way to simpleRAW one early Tuesday morning. The place is laid out entirely in white, and when I stepped down the small stairs to the restaurant on Gråbrødretorv, it felt like I was entering a heaven of raw, healthy, fresh food and that was exactly what we got.

The restaurant serves mainly unprocessed, raw food – which means the veggies have not been heated above 48 degrees. All their dishes are entirely vegan and if you have any other allergies, they will make it work.

Careful selection
The breakfast menu is not overwhelming but carefully chosen, offering a choice between a breakfast plate and brunch plate. Besides that, they have an endless variation of different juices, smoothies, shakes and energy shots – which I will come to later – and of course coffee.

I ordered one with homemade almond milk and it was the best decision of the day. The creamy foam with its distinct almond taste was the best almond milk I had ever tried – I was a vegan for some time so I did have a lot and I can assure you there are differences.

Soon the delicious plates found their way to us – we ordered the brunch plate and the breakfast plate, together with the juice and the smoothie.


An absolute feast
The brunch plate was so big it could have fed two people. Consisting of with carrot-avocado rice paper rolls with soy sauce, cashew yoghurt with berries and crumble, parsley cream, avocado, marinated pineapple and a delicious crown on top, a chocolate fudge, it was a raw food paradise.

Crisp veggies, great colours and vitamin shots – three strong juice shots with ginger, cayenne and chilli – sparked our tastebuds and got the metabolism going. The breakfast plate – a gluten-free bun, vegan cheese, fruit and cashew yoghurt – was also one of a kind.

Highly recommended
I can highly recommend this place (there is another restaurant in Vesterbro, which is celebrating its fifth birthday this year) if you are looking for a totally different brunch and want to take a delicious break from pancakes, French toast and scrambled eggs.

And remember that they also have lunch and dinner menus. You can find a vegan burger, tapas, Asian dishes and incredibly good-looking desserts. I will definitely come back to try those!

This place will even make the hearts of non-vegans beat faster and one thing is guaranteed: you will not miss the meat on your plate.