Danes win a bunch of medals at International Chocolate Awards

In total, Mikkel Friis-Holm and Peter Svenningsen collected ten prizes for their chocolate creations

Two Danish chocolatiers, Mikkel Friis-Holm and Peter Svenningsen, were awarded ten medals at the International Chocolate Awards in London on Saturday October 17.

While most of the medals they won were silver, Friis-Holm won gold for his 85 percent lazy cocoa grower in the ‘high plain dark chocolate bars’ category.

Also competing in the ‘less potent dark chocolate’ and ‘milk chocolate bars’ categories, Friis-Holm in total collected six medals.

Svenningsen, who runs the Choconord company, received three silver and one bronze medals for his dark chocolate ganaches.

According to Friis-Holm, the International Chocolate Awards has a similar  prestige to the Worlds 50 Best Restaurant list.