Danish ornithologists hoping to restore nature on Funen

Many bird species are disappearing from the island

Dansk Ornitologisk Forening (DOF), the Danish ornithologist society, has  appealed to Den Danske Naturfond to help improve the nature of Funen, Denmark’s third largest island, which is home to its third largest city, Odense.

According to DOF, Funen’s lack of nature – per sqm, it has a third less than the rest of the country – results in fewer birds living on the island.

Waders, terns and forest birds, in particular, have been slowly disappearing from Funen over the past few years.

Fragmented and impoverished
Niels Andersen from DOF has described the current state of nature on Funen as “too fragmented, impoverished and too scattered” and suggests creating new protected areas on the coastline to attract the birds back.

Restoring the nature, however, does not come cheaply, so the DOF has sent a prioritised list of 20 possible solutions to the nature fund, which is responsible for maintaining the country’s nature.

The fund has a budget of 875 million kroner over the next four years.