Obtaining permanent residence in Denmark getting harder

Foreigners will have to prove greater self-sufficiency

The integration and immigration minister, Inger Støjberg, has proposed tightening rules for obtaining permanent residency in Denmark.

Foreigners who wish to obtain permanent residence in Denmark will have to pass Danish language exam 2 (Prøve i Dansk 2) instead of the easier version Prøve i Dansk 1.

Støjberg’s new proposal also changes employment requirements. Currently, permanent residency is granted to those who have worked for three of the five years of their residency, but this will be changed to two and a half years of work of the past three.

Moreover, foreigners will have to fulfil at least two of the following supplementary conditions: have active citizenship or pass a citizenship test; have a regular full-time job for four of the past 4.5 years; have an annual average income of 300,000 kroner for two years; or successfully pass the Danish language exam Prøve i Dansk 3.

On the other hand, foreigners will now be able to apply for permanent residency after four years rather than the current five years.