Bus 1A found driving about in Iraq

Copenhagen bus found driving about in Erbil

Welcome aboard bus 1A. Calling at Klampenborg Station, Hellerup Station, Østerport and … Erbil?

A bus from one of Copenhagen’s busiest bus routes, the 1A between Klampenborg Station and Avedøre Station, looks to have ended up a bit off course recently after it was spotted driving about in Erbil, Iraq in August.

Now, the Danish bus service provider Movia, has revealed that the amusing situation is not down to a bus driver needing a new map, but rather a bus that was supposed to have ended up as scrap.

“As far as we could ascertain is that a former operator sold the bus as scrap to a scrapyard, which then sold it on to another scrapyard, which then also sold it on,” Henriette Døssing, a communications consultant for Movia, told Metroxpress newspaper.

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Logos should be removed
The Danish company Keolis, which is charged with running the 1A bus line, confirmed that the bus was due to be pulled out of service at the end of 2012.

Movia and Keolis both require all logos removed from buses before they sell them, although it hasn’t happened in this case.

“We are not talking about a bus whose driver has take a wrong turn or who is terribly delayed,” Joakim Vasehus, the HR and communications head of Keolis, said.