Hundreds of unchecked refugees crossing German border on buses provided by DSB

As long as the police are informed, the rail operator is not breaking the law, claims the Attorney General

Hundreds of migrants and refugees are every day crossing the German border to Denmark unchecked on buses provided by the Danish rail operator DSB, reports DR.

While the police are controlling passengers on trains, many migrants escape border controls on the buses.

Not a criminal offense
Since September, when the stream of refugees increased dramatically, DSB has been transporting passengers on special buses from the German town of Flensburg to Fredericia in southern Jutland on days when the capacity of the IC3 train is not sufficient.

According to an assessment by the Attorney General, DSB is not committing a criminal offence as long as the transport takes place in a close dialogue with the Danish police.

Meanwhile, more than 40 people have been charged with human trafficking since early September for illegally transporting refugees across Denmark.